24 May 2012


ASY’ARI, Hasan (2009). Tesis Ilmu Hukum UNDIP.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is one obligation that shall be completed by the corporate appropriated to the content of section 74 of the newest Undang-Undang Perseroan Terbatas/ UUPT (Code of the Limited), which is Code Number 40 Year 2007. By the Code, either industry or cooperative possesses the obligation to complete it. The increasing of the care level of life quality, harmonization of social and environment influences business world activity. Thus, it emerges the accusation against the role of the corporate to have the social responsibility. It is in this case one advantage that rises from the activity of CSR. Upon this context, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become the main menu for the corporate, out of the obligation ruled by the regulation.

The purpose of the research is to acknowledge the application of CSR appropriated to the corporate vision and the instruction of section 74 of Code Number 40 Year 2007 upon the Limited and to acknowledge any risen obstacles faced by the corporate upon the application.

Data of the research were analyzed qualitatively, which is secondary of theory, definition, and substance from literature and regulation, and primary of interview, observation, and field study, in which they were analyzed with the relevant code, theory, and expert's opinion, thus, it could be concluded upon the application of corporate social responsibility related to the solving of social problems.

Based upon the analysis, it could be concluded that upon the implementation of the social responsibility, PT. Newmont completes activity of Social Development, such as education, infrastructure. Health Improvement, Vocational Education, and Business Development, Agricultural and Fishery Program, the Program of Minahasa Sea Habitat Restoration. Whereas, the faced risen problem is the increase of the society's distrusting behavior and the misperception risen caused by the accusation of soiled pollution against the operation of Newmont Minahasa Raya so that the license of the tailing placing of PT. NNT, which shall be elongated in 2005, nevertheless, it will always be subject to disagreement by the anti-mining NGO. The other controversial matter is arisen related to Dodo exploration territory in Ropang district that includes nine villages. Labangkar people claim that their ancestors were buried in Dodo and, thus, ask for the compensation of the land and the cemetery around the corporate, in which the corporate decided to end the activity of exploration upon the area. The accusation by several local fishermen that the mining activity reduces their gaining fish. In order to solve the problem, PT. NNT has arranged target to self-involve to more developing activities for the local fishermen and completed fishery survey in 2005.  

Key Words: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Corporate Vision

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